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  • 10.27.16

R.I.P. Vine

When Vine first launched in January of 2013, the short-form video app quickly grew in popularity thanks to a loyal community of creators. As is usually the case with popular new apps, we had many conversations with clients about how best to use Vine as a marketing channel – especially after Instagram, owned by Facebook, added short-form video to their app as well.

Many of those conversations with clients resulted in a recommendation to secure the account name, but not actively use it since the audience or format didn’t really fit the brand strategy. Now, it looks like we weren’t alone in our thinking.

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Micro-Influencers: What They Are & How to Use Them

Brands have always leveraged celebrity influencers. In fact, celebrities appear in roughly one-fifth of ads today. This is a common marketing method because it serves as a way of transferring the popularity, style, personality, and likeability of a particular celebrity to your brand or product.

Despite their frequent use, it’s debatable how much celebrity endorsements actually work to drive sales or stock prices.


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Digital Transformation – Why Collaboration Matters Now More Than Ever

Digital transformation is a phrase that has been thrown around a lot lately. It describes the shift of business activities, processes, competencies, and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities provided by digital technologies.

The desire for digital transformation among organizations is greater than ever due to the increased speed of technological advancements, and our increased access to them. However, while digitally transforming your company sounds appealing, the process tends to lead to disjointed efforts that may cause more problems than they solve.

According to Brian Solis, Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group, this means that business units and functions that tend to operate in their individual silos will now have to collaborate to achieve purposeful, enterprise-wide, digital transformation. This year, The Altimeter Group released a report titled the “Six Stages of Digital Transformation.” One of the more interesting findings explored the significant gap that exists between those further along the “six stages” than average organizations also investing in digital. The reason was attributed to businesses continuing to rely on their silos rather than collaborating as a holistic team.

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Cross-Selling & Up-Selling: What You Need To Know

To some, the differences between cross-selling and up-selling may seem hazy, as both strategies do share some similarities. However, the following example should make those differences a little clearer.

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20 Of The Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Digital Marketing is constantly evolving and it can sometimes feel overwhelming to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends. To help, we’ve pulled together a list of 20 of the best digital marketing blogs that you should be reading in order know what’s what in the world of digital marketing and advertising.

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How To Write A Website RFP (Request for Proposal)

A website RFP, or Request for Proposal, is a document that outlines the requirements for the website redesign project, existing challenges, and business objectives. The RFP serves as a wish list for the project and invites agencies to submit a plan detailing how they would address your specific project challenges.

As a digital advertising agency, we receive Requests for Proposal on a weekly basis, for a variety of projects. Some RFPs are simple, but website RFPs tend to be more complex, and it’s understandable why. Your company’s website serves as the hub of your marketing: educating prospects, inspiring purchases, and providing a consistent source of content that helps them throughout the time they are a customer.

It’s not just the site’s importance in your marketing that makes website RFPs so complex, but how many stakeholders, opinions, and requests are often involved. For this reason, it is essential to provide a clear picture of your needs in order for the agency to accurately deliver a proposal. Without this information, the odds of disappointment in the end result of the project increase exponentially.

Website RFP Committee Meeting

What many website RFP committee meetings tend to feel like.

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  • 09.19.16

2017 Social Media Marketing Best Practices

We recently published a series of guides for six of the top social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube. As we approach 2017, social media marketing will have an even larger impact on your brand – not just for social conversation, but also for your bottom line. Download to learn about each platform’s unique features, targeting, key performance indicators, and “Best In Class” examples.


YouTube: Should Subscribers Matter to Brands?

YouTube Is A Search Engine

youtube is search engine

Most people watch videos on YouTube for one of two reasons: either to be entertained or be educated. YouTube is arguably the only social media platform in which a user is purposefully seeking out instant gratification through content consumption.

Unlike Facebook, there aren’t dozens of distractions in the form of engagement announcements or political rants from your weird uncle. If you’re passively scrolling through your Instagram feed, you aren’t necessarily looking for a specific piece of content. While people can certainly spend hours watching YouTube videos, there is typically something specific that led them there in the first place, whether they clicked on a link sent by a friend or searched for a particular video.

Marketing on Youtube

Content is not a rare commodity on YouTube, especially with new content creators and vloggers rising to the scene every day. This makes YouTube a tricky platform for many brands and advertisers to not only fully understand, but to effectively incorporate into their overall content marketing strategy. Making it even more difficult is the fact that brands are focusing on the wrong metric by which to measure success on the platform.

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  • 09.15.16

Twitter Is Dead! Long Live Twitter!

Twitter Is Flatlining

April 2016 marked Twitter’s 10 anniversary yet media publications, bloggers, and Twitter’s own users have been saying the platform is dead or dying for the last 7 years. So what is Twitter’s future? First let’s look at other social media platforms’ pasts.

Twitter is dying

Without looking it up, name a completely defunct social media platform. MySpace? Nope. In fact MySpace was sold this past February to Time Inc and expected to add $100 million to Time’s bottom line1. What about the social media grandfather, Friendster? It didn’t even go dark (read: “pause our services”) until last summer and Wikipedia does not have the platform listed as totally defunct…yet.

A few of the social platforms that are no longer operating include; Windows Live Spaces, Yahoo 360, Apple Ping or any of the others listed here. But the point here; not many major social media platforms have ceased operation.  But yet why are so many people fixated on Twitter’s demise?  Why do people keep saying this?


Twitter is dying

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National Live Creative Day with Our Creative Directors

It’s national live creative day so who better to spotlight than IQ’s creative director and associate creative director? Art direction and copywriting are essential departments we are excited to celebrate today.

iq creative directors

For the official record, what are your names and your titles at IQ?

Carol Montoto, Creative Director

Christian Durrett, Associate Creative Director

Why did you get into Art Direction?

Carol: I’ve always been creative, ever since I could make a mark with a crayon. I was an art kid, so it made a lot of sense. I loved art, and I loved computers, so I decided to study Graphic Design. Somehow I accidentally ended up in Advertising. My first job after graduating from UF was designing banner ads at Planning Group International (now SapientNitro). It wasn’t until a few years in that I connected the dots and realized I had become an Advertising Art Director. Continue Reading