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Customer Segmentation and Persona Development

Predicting the future isn’t just for mystics. With big data, especially applied to customer segmentation and persona development, we now have a much stronger predictive capacity. We can collect little pieces of information that define our customers’ lives. We can start small, at their email address, and grow from there to find out what their favorite movie is or whether they are pregnant. We can use these little pieces of data to understand the bigger picture of who our customers are. We can even use this data to give our customers a seat at the table, as Jeff Bezos insists on at Amazon, to put the customer at the heart of our decision-making.

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Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods in Marketing

Some researchers take a hard approach to data, either falling squarely on the side of the numbers (quantitative data) or on the other side, the one of focus groups and individual consumer feedback (qualitative data).

But the richest insights come from a paired approach to research, one that seeks both statistically significant findings to define our product’s place in the market as well as a deep understanding of how our product fits into a single consumer’s life.

Why do you need either of these types of research? Learning about your customers means that you can more efficiently answer their needs. A crystal-clear picture of who your consumer is and why they need your product allows you to not only refine your product, but ideate even better solutions to your consumers’ problems.

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Why are they called wireframes?: An etymology

As a UXer, I’m used to fielding the question, “What’s user experience?” To describe my job, I don’t say, “I conduct research with end users and then design wireframes.” Well, I used to, but I got enough head tilts accompanied by a, “Huh?” that I changed my answer. Now I say “I design website blueprints” or “I figure out how the information on the page is organized,” because “wireframes” isn’t a user-friendly word.

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