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  • 03.30.16

IQ Spotlight: Arielle Cason, UX

Arielle Cason, UX at

At IQ, we take a different approach to strategy – one that combines multiple disciplines so that we approach challenges from all angles. Having User Experience (UX) on the team means that we have a true consumer advocate to balance traditional strategists’ focus on achieving business goals. Arielle is a key member of the strategy team – extremely smart, always encouraging, and hyper-focused on building the best experiences possible.

So, get to know Arielle. The interview below gives you a glimpse into who she is, but you’ll be even more impressed after working with her.


For the official record, what is your name and your title at IQ?
Arielle Cason – UX Researcher and Architect 

Why did you get into UX?
My grandmother had a car wreck which resulted in a long-term brain injury.  Some technology became very difficult for her to understand. She started asking me questions that made me see things through a different lens, and I realized that so much technology really doesn’t make sense, not just for her but for so many people. Her experience drives me to make technology simpler and more accessible. 

Tell me about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant so far in your career?
At a previous job working for a wireless telecom I conducted a usability study and discovered a large gap that prohibited users for making adjustments to their account online. Due to this discovery I was able to present findings to the VP-level and affect changes beneficial for end users. 

If you could work on any type of project what would you do and why?
Help young women learn technology in countries where girls are not valued equally to help them create a future for themselves. 

What are your thoughts on UX sitting in strategy?
I think it’s great! To me, UX is less about the specific elements on a page and more about the user’s path from learning that something exists through utilizing it in their own lives. That’s strategic.

Where will UX be in 2020?
“UX designer” is a catch-all title. It could include the job duties of business analysts, product designers, information architects, interface designers, researchers, statistical analysts, data visualization designers, and so many more. But as companies become underserved and disillusioned with hiring the wrong kind of UX designer for their business need, both UX professionals and companies will be more specific in describing UX roles with more appropriate titles.

What is your favorite aspect of working at IQ?
The accepting atmosphere and the unique people.

What is something you’ve learned in the last week?
A content management system’s internal-facing interface can deeply effect the consumer-facing UX. If a site’s backend is difficult to navigate, content might not be entered in the best place for the user to find it or content might not be entered in the most efficient format. A confusing backend will also deter companies from updating the site, so stale content sticks around. Consumers see stale content and think the company isn’t reputable. A CMS has a huge impact on the end user, even if it seems to only affect employees internally.

What are you most passionate about in your life, and why?
Advocacy is my word – Advocating for the user, advocating for accessibility, advocating for rescue dogs, advocating for the disenfranchised segments of our population.

What are a few sites you visit at least once a week?
Littlebigdetails and Medium 

What is one thing you never leave the house without?
I’m not going to say phone, everyone says that… Protein, because I don’t want to get hungry.

If Georgia Tech and UGA had to fight how would they fight?
UGA would bring football players and Tech would bring robots.  (Side note from the interviewer: Arielle is currently finishing her Masters degree in human computer interaction from Georgia Tech while the interviewer attended The University of Georgia, the state’s oldest and flagship institution. Go Dawgs!)


Tea or Coffee?
Sweet tea

Math or English?

Board games or video games?

Checkers or Chess?
I’ve never learned chess and I’m sure I would like it better. But, checkers until then. 

Cats or Dogs?
Kittens AND puppies

  • 02.26.16

IQ Wins 2016 Silver Addy Award

FullSizeRender 3

Last night, IQ received a Silver Addy Award for our work in the Regional/National Online Campaign category. The awards were held at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, hosted by the Atlanta Ad Club. 

Officially, the show “recognizes and rewards the creative spirit of excellence in the art of advertising.” However, to us, awards like this signify that in addition to meeting our main objective, which is to make our clients successful, our work also receives appreciation from other creative talent in our industry (and we appreciate you too, guys!).

IQ is proud of the work that our teams produce every day and proud of the clients who give us the opportunities to do that great work and win a few awards here and there.

  • 02.23.16

We’re Making Room on the Shelf for More Awards at IQ

IQ Awards

At IQ, our highest priority is meeting our clients’ business objectives. Our strategic process grounds all of our work in data that inform plans to confidently provide our clients with a return on their investment through award-winning creative that gets consumers to act. While award wins aren’t a KPI for us, it’s always fun to celebrate.

And the celebration has begun.

Not only are we an Addy finalist for our three GEICO spots full of office humor and ridiculous scenarios, we’re also a finalist for three CUNA awards for our work for Oregon Community Credit Union. The rigorous CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Conference recognizes exceptional efforts from credit unions around the country. Along with being a finalist for three CUNA awards, we also got the heads up that we’ve won at least one prestigious Diamond award for our OCCU work. Check out the helpful online Home Buying 101 center for OCCU, the Random Acts of Kindness where we helped OCCU treat U of O students to some unexpected gifts ( TVs, bikes and tons of swag), as well as our unconventional and heartwarming OCCU member testimonial campaign.

We’ll be sure to let you what happens at the awards ceremonies. Until then, we’ll be practicing our acceptance speeches in the mirror.

  • 02.23.16

Introducing Christian Durrett

ACD Copywriter - IQ Agency

We’d like to welcome the newest member of our Creative team – Christian Durrett, Associate Creative Director Copywriter! Christian has over 14 years of experience writing for an impressive list of clients including Coca-Cola, The Atlanta Hawks, Mazda, AT&T, Aflac, The Home Depot, MGM Resorts, Publix and Marriott. His advertising career has taken him across the country from Atlanta, to Vegas, to California and back.

His skills include:

  • interactive
  • social
  • web and video content
  • print
  • TV
  • radio
  • outdoor
  • integrated branding
  • writing about vintage cars
  • playing guitar

Fun Fact: His extensive guitar collection includes a ukelele and a very-soon-to-be-added banjo.

  • 02.18.16

Social Media Insights for Credit Unions

IQ’s focus on next generation marketing for financial services continues with this look at social media sentiment regarding credit unions by Noah Echols, IQ’s Director of Strategy, a summary of which was published today in the Financial Brand. To see the complete report click HERE.


IQ has deep experience working in the credit union marketing arena with Oregon Community Credit Union combined with many years working on behalf of financial brands such Wells Fargo, Suntrust, Allstate, GEICO and others.

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  • 01.25.16

Decoding Modern Marketing Series Overview

We have recently begun a new series, Decoding Modern Marketing. The full overview article by IQ CEO Tony Quin is here. We’ll have Part 1 here for you next month.

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  • 09.29.15

IQ CEO Tony Quin interviewed in Cannes

Recently IQ CEO Tony Quin made a pilgrimage to the Cannes Lions festival, representing both the agency and the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) as the Chairman. While at the festival he participated in the Executive Perspectives interview series and shared his thoughts on advertising trends, the benefits of having talented, driven employees and how data drives strategy and creative to produce exceptional work at IQ.

Here are a few notable excerpts from the interview:

KR: How would you define success in your role?

TQ: The most important job that I have as CEO is to have a sense of where we need to be as an agency 24 months from now so that I can be making sure that the agency is moving toward that. That’s the most important. Because if you don’t get that right, you’re not in business.

KR: What do you do to help your team be successful and help keep them in line with your goals for the company?

TQ: My job is to make sure that I have the smartest people on the bus, and not necessarily in the right seats, and listen to them and empower them. What I’ve learned is that if you just collect really smart people who have the right character for the work, then they are going to tell you the right place to go.

KR: In a world so driven by data today, why do you think creative still matters?

TQ: Creative is the business of connecting emotionally to people. Creative is not about data. Creative itself is really not measurable. Data helps to tell you where to point creative. The strategy that comes out of data – because data itself means nothing; it produces insights and strategy – tells you how to pick the places where you want to spend your money and those places are where you’re going to apply your creative. That last mile is informed by data but it’s always takes some magic which is inspiration and an understanding of the psychology of the people. It’s really hard to make that a science.

KR: Do you feel like creative always needs to be measured?

TQ: You can measure the end result of whether something happens or not. There is some testing you can do around creative. It’s the whole Steve Jobs approach to doing new things. You can’t base it on what’s happened in the past so at some point somebody is taking a leap of faith or just having a creative idea and you just have to go with it or not. You don’t really know what’s going to happen.

KR: How do you motivate your team on a day-to-day basis?

TQ: Every company, whether it’s a big company or a small company, has to have a vision of tomorrow. It’s kind of what we’re selling to our brands. Any kind of branding is a promise for tomorrow. That promise is, in some way, “tomorrow is going to be better.” It’s the same thing with a team. The reason you’re doing this work, other than getting a paycheck, is to create some better thing and you have to define that a little bit for people and make them excited.

KR: Can you describe the attributes of one of your top performers?

TQ: What I look for is people who are self-motivated, have an entrepreneurial spirit, are not about doing the mechanics of their job. They are about achieving the goals of their job. It’s not really about how they do it; it’s about how they get there, which is very entrepreneurial. I look for people who are sufficiently confident in themselves and aren’t afraid of taking risks.

KR: How would you describe the difference between an idea and a solution?

TQ: Ideas are bigger than solutions. Solutions, you have a problem and some parameters around a problem and you want to find something that solves that problem.  An idea can be much bigger than that. An idea might solve a problem but it might have many more ramifications to it. Ideas are about what capture the imagination of people. They can drive companies. They can change the marketplace. They can create movements. Whereas a solution is just, “I’m really glad we solved that problem.”

KR: What are you looking to take away from Cannes?

TQ: I wear two hats. I have my agency, IQ, and it’s always interesting to hear what’s going on and I always get ideas. With my primary job being what’s going to happen 18 to 24 months in the future and “are we on the right path for that?”, it’s great to come to these places where people are talking about those things, about what’s next. The other hat I wear is as the founder and chairman of the board of SoDA. SoDA is a wonderful organization where I get a chance to give back to my community and to have great relationships with people who are in the same boat that I’m in, running agencies around the world, so that’s very fulfilling.

  • 08.17.15

Mojitos and SoDA


Tony Quin, IQ’s CEO, presenting the annual toast at SoDA’s general meeting in San Diego. The Mojito toast celebrates the first meeting of SoDA, the Digital Society, which Tony founded almost nine years ago when he got the CEOs of 13 top digital agencies together in Miami to talk shop. Today SoDA is almost 100 agencies strong, but still only accepts 14% of agencies considered. “This is the cream of the agency business worldwide, not just the biggest, but those judged by their peers to be the best and the brightest” said Tony, “it’s where we learn from our peers and help chart the course of the future of this business”.

  • 08.13.15

Equifax and Post Properties pick IQ as AOR


We are delighted to announce that IQ has been selected as Agency of Record (AOR) for Equifax and Post Properties. Both companies conducted competitive reviews before selecting us. “We are delighted to have been selected as a lead agency for these two blue-chip brands” said Tony Quin CEO of IQ Agency.  Equifax is one of the three leading credit bureaus in the U.S. with both a sizable personal solutions business as well as a leading business-to-business offering in the credit and business intelligence vertical. Post Properties is a large national owner and operator of rental communities in cities across the U.S. “While both companies were impressed with our creative work in both digital and traditional channels, they were particularly impressed with our strategic approach to integrated marketing” Quin continued. The assignment for Post Properties will include all aspects of marketing both traditional and digital. The Equifax assignment covers both the consumer and B2B lines of business and includes digital as well as traditional work.

  • 05.07.15

Smith & Wesson Blows up the Competition.

M&P_ExperienceStrategy and creative teamed up for IQ’s new campaign for the American icon, Smith & Wesson. The POV campaign lets consumers project themselves into the shooting experience and see how it looks and feels to have a Smith & Wesson M&P in their hands. And there’s nothing quite as fun as blowing up a watermelon.

Watch the TV spot:

See the rig that let’s the camera shoot right down the barrel during live fire:

This is one of many campaigns IQ has created for Smith & Wesson brands. IQ is an integrated agency with digital at the core. We work primarily with brands that need strong strategy, planning and integrated execution across media. Check out our Portfolio section to see more of our work.

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