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  • 04.01.14

How Smart Brands Tackle Video Content

Content is the currency of the digital age and video is increasingly what consumers want.  The problem is that brands and their agencies are more familiar with making TV commercials than creating an inexpensive on-going stream of fresh video content, which digital channels require. This deck outlines solutions to how to approach making this video content for brands with examples and step by step best practices.


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YouTube: The Next Big Thing Is Already Here

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  • 02.25.14

YouTube: The Next Big Thing Is Already Here

Originally presented at the social media conference SoCon14, this deck from IQ’s Assoc. Director of Strategy Noah Echols and Assoc. Director of UX Rachel Peters will show you how to prioritize YouTube in an effective way to leverage active communities to get serious results — something your competition probably isn’t doing.

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  • 06.25.13

SoDA Party at Cannes

In case you missed it, SoDA (Society of Digital Agencies) threw the best party in Cannes last week for the Young Lions. There were over 1500 people in attendance as well as hip hop legend P. Diddy!

SoDA Cannes

Tony Quin SoDA

IQ CEO and SoDA Chairman of the Board Tony Quin manning the door, master of the list.

Society of Digital Agencies

SoDA includes 70 of the top digital agencies in the world. For more information about SoDA, visit

  • 06.14.13

IQ & SoDA at Cannes

If you’re in Cannes next week for the Cannes Lions festival, you can’t miss this event from the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA). IQ CEO and SoDA Chairman of the Board Tony Quin will be in attendance along with many other digital marketing experts from around the globe.

“Welcome to the Connected Age”

When:  Tuesday, June 18, 14:00-15:00 (2-3pm local Cannes time)

Where: Palais des Festivals (Audi A)


Guthrie Dolin (Exec Dir of Strategy, Nurun)
Stuart Eccles (Founding Partner, Made by Many)
Drew Ungvarsky  (Founder, Grow)
Wesely ter Haar (Founder, Media Monks)
Moderator (Q&A Session) Greg Stuart – CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association

In the session SoDA will:

  • Explore examples of innovative mobile products and services, best practices and emerging trends
  • Debate different strategic approaches for creating a continuous relationship between brands and consumers via mobile
  • Demonstrate how mobile experiences can enhance, augment and extend real world retail and live events
  • Examine how mobile is fueling the self-service economy and the opportunities and challenges created by this shift
  • Forecast new opportunities on the horizon over the next 2-3 years for both brands and consumers with respect to mobile products and services

If you’d like more information about the Cannes Lions festival or SoDA’s program, please visit

  • 06.05.13

How to Make Great Brand Videos

Consistently making great content is a tall order for many brands.  Get some insight and tips from the presentation below:

How to Make Great Brand Videos from IQ Agency

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Content Overload

  • 05.06.13

Responsive Web Design POV 2013

Responsive Design

How can you design a site that works well at any screen size, keeps SEO and analytics under one URL, and requires less future maintenance?

Introducing…responsive web design. In very basic terms, a responsive design is one where the website adapts to the user’s screen size automatically by resizing images, videos, navigation, text, and more so that it fits nicely at any size.

Responsive design ensures that your content can flow into any device because you’re designing once for all platforms.

Our updated-for-2013 presentation answers the following questions:

  • What is it?
  • Why should you care?
  • What’s the design process?
  • Is it right for your site?

View the presentation below and contact us if you want more information! Click bottom right corner for full screen:

  • 04.30.13

IQ Wins 3 Gold Horizon Interactive Awards

IQ Wins Horizon Award

3 entries, 3 gold awards.

The Horizon Interactive Awards is a prestigious international competition recognizing outstanding achievement among interactive media producers from all over the world.


We created a simple narrative in which tiny gifts come to life, in order to help CIT employees connect with their contacts. Production was as follows: First, the team created concept boards, depicting different ideas of how to approach the card. Next, the team got to work with simple storyboards, depicting the basic story and messaging. Then, they created a mock desk set in the studio, shooting 24 still images for each 1 second of video.

The result was an endearing, simple, and concise 30-second stop-motion video. The messaging was then translated into 9 different languages, so that the video could be shared across the world.

Click to see the project: CIT Holiday Card 2012 – Motion Graphics / Effects – Video

Neenah Paper’s Astrobrights

Starting with no fans, we built to over 26,500 Facebook fans and 55 million impressions using social, sweepstakes contests and paid media. A crucial part of this growth came through our bi-weekly crafting contests, which were supported by origami style display ads featuring Neenah Paper’s Astrobrights products. We followed our crafting contest series with a school-based sweepstakes, driven by display ads, UGC and original content created for Astrobrights. The ensuing sweepstakes lead to more brilliant user-generated content—we gained survey response data and over 2,500 email opt-ins for Astrobrights!

The overall cost per click of all media tactics went from an average of $5.90 in week 1 to $2.81 by the end of the campaign, lowering the CPC by 53%. Facebook was our most successful paid tactic in terms of Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Cost Per “Like” (CPL). The average Facebook CPC was $1.50 and the average CPL was $2.06. Through ads, we generated 20,000 total fans and the CPC and CPL continually lowered as the campaign progressed.

neenah paper IQ

Click to see the project: Neenah Paper – Online Advertising, Integrated Campaign

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  • 04.15.13

Powerful Social Insights on Tax Day

IQ’s “Tax Refunds” social study is an example of what social listening can reveal.

Social listening examines social media including: blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, to find out what people are saying and where they are saying it. It’s one of the ways we glimpse actual consumer behavior (vs. reported behavior), and combines with other forms of qualitative research, and quantitative data, to reveal consumer insights.

Consumer insights are, of course, the jewels that illuminate the critical process of mapping the Consumer Decision Journey*. The idea is to build a complete picture of how consumers are interacting with brands, social touch points and knowledge as they wend their way towards the moment of purchase and then beyond. We do this by understanding who consumers are, their personas, and then what they think and do at each point along the journey. Some of what we learn is what is already happening, but more importantly we are looking for opportunities to serve an unmet need or a perception in a new way that sets our client apart. These insights make social listening a remarkably potent tool.

Discovering what your customers and prospects are saying, and equally important where they are saying it, reveals actionable clues, insights and opportunities, social locations that brands should be present, the impact of campaigns, and the effect  of culture and seasonality on consumer behavior.

This study we just released on tax refunds is an example of how what you learn when you start to listen can be surprising. We discovered that an overwhelming 65% actually had plans to go shopping with their refunds, so we dug deeper.

What we ended up with delivered clear insights about what Americans wanted to do with the money. While it wasn’t surprising to see all the plans to buy Apple products, it was a surprise to see how many people planned on purchasing a new tattoo.

Overall the report was good news for retailers with 65% of tweeters having immediate spending plans for their refund in the following categories:

* 14% electronics spending
* 11% fashion spending
* 11% car spending
* 10% food and beverage spending
* 7% travel spending
* 7% event spending
* 5% music retail spending

The research also showed that sober responsibility was still alive and well in America with 35% of tweeters saying they plan to save their refund money or pay bills.

Click to view on

IQ Tax Infographic

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  • 04.15.13

#TalkIQ – Social Marketing


We get asked a lot of questions by clients, friends, students, colleagues, you name it, so we want to bring our knowledge to the masses.

This Wednesday (4/17) from 1:00 – 2:00PM EST, Hagan Ramsey, digital strategist at IQ, will answer any questions you have related to social listening, campaign development, social strategy and more!

Tweet @IQ_Agency with the hash tag #TalkIQ and you’ll receive a quick response from a true expert in the field!

  • 03.19.13

#TalkIQ – Web Development

IQ Web Development

We get asked a lot of questions by clients, friends, students, colleagues, you name it, so we want to bring our knowledge to the masses.

This Thursday (3/21) from 1:00 – 2:00PM EST, Laurie Vitas, a lead developer at IQ, will answer any questions you have related to web development, responsive design, HTML, CSS, and more! This will be the first of a series of Q&A sessions over a range of topics.

Tweet @IQ_Agency with the hash tag #TalkIQ and you’ll receive a quick response from a true expert in the field!  

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