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Windows 8 Dates

Windows Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer Tami Reller unveiled the first details on Windows 8 availability Monday at Microsoft’s annual Worldwide Partner Conference. Windows 8 is coming soon with big releases in August and October.

Windows 8 is on track to Release to Manufacturing (RTM) the first week of August.

Windows 8 will reach general availability by the end of October. A specific sales date was not provided.

The dates for the Windows 8 launch fall in line with a series of recent splashes Microsoft has been making in the news. Recently Microsoft announced plans for the next version of its mobile OS, Windows Phone 8, and the Microsoft designed and built Surface tablet. Both offerings are expected to hit the market in time for the 2012 Holiday Season.

In her remarks, Tami announced that more than 630 million Windows 7 licenses have been sold to date – and that more than half of enterprise desktops today are running Windows 7. The new Windows 8 operating system will have a tremendous customer reach, anticipating to reach 550 Million current Windows 7 PCs in 24 months.

IQ & Microsoft

IQ has been a Microsoft vendor for more than 2 years, partnering with multiple groups and focused primarily on digital marketing and mobile application development. We have deep expertise with Microsoft platforms including Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 (among others), and have a strong understanding and command of the “Metro” UX / design system that is at the core of WP7 and Windows 8.

As an approved Microsoft Supplier (Vendor # 0002242435) we are fully integrated into the MSFT vendor management system (including v- email and RAS access), and ready to hit the ground running on your next project.


Quick & Effective UX

As a UX designer, I’m not sure I’ll ever get out of the deliverables business, a lot of what I do is document design decisions and use deliverables to communicate to clients as well as the rest of my team (see Lean UX: Getting Out of the Deliverables Business). I’m not getting out of the deliverables business anytime soon, but business is changing and my documentation is getting more cringeworthy everyday… in a positive way! Continue Reading


Windows Phone Creative Director – Mike Kruzeniski Lists His Favorite Metro Apps

Mike Kruzeniski is a Creative Director at Microsoft, working in the Windows Phone design studio. He recently posted on his blog his top 12 favorite Metro design Windows Phone applications, based on visual design style. His top picks include Kindle, Bank of America, Evernote, DC Comics, Flickr, and the New York Times. Kruzeniski’s list includes examples of the great work going on in the Windows Phone and Windows 8 space. Check out a few snapshots below and even more from Kruzeniski’s site

At the top of Kruzeniski’s list (although I don’t think order was relevant) were two of my favorite and most used iPhone applications: Kindle and Bank of America. All of the brands in the list have noteworthy applications on competitor platforms. I find the Metro design versions fresh and visually more appealing than the iPhone or Android counterparts. What do you think? Continue Reading


Agile/Lean/Rapid UX

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4 things I learned last week @ AgileUX NYC 2012 and IxDA New York and NYC-CHI Present: New and Up and Coming Rapid Wireframing and Prototyping Tools


UX Review: New Twitter Mobile Web


Twitter recently launched yet another redesign on their platforms from web, desktop apps, mobile apps, and their mobile website. Twitter constantly makes improvement to their design, sometimes quite dramatically. As an avid Twitter user, the new designs can be sometimes disorienting. This time they moved the timeline in the left panel. Whoa! Overtime I get use to the changes since Twitter is pretty essential to my existence. Maybe I’m the dramatic one!

On my phone, I primarily use the iPhone app, but occasionally look to their mobile website for best practices. They have one of the best mobile website experiences I know, along with Facebook. Both social sites have ‘app-like’ mobile sites with almost all, if not all, parallel functionality. Even though you start mobile design by parring down the to the core experience and exposing only the primary user flows or content, I strongly believe that customers have come to expect fully functioning mobile experiences.

This is a quick look at some of the cool new things I’ve been experiencing on Twitter’s new mobile website.

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Now in the Windows Phone Marketplace: Microsoft HealthVault

The best part of a project is watching it go live. IQ is excited for the release of HealthVault for Windows Phone, now available in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

HealthVault for Windows Phone is a health management application for individuals and their families. HealthVault account users can access health information from their phone, track and manage chronic conditions, enter health data on the fly, and keep up with family emergency information. Doctor visits have never been so painless!

View HealthVault in the Windows Phone Marketplace


i heart wireframes and how they are evolving

This may be my claim to nerd fame, but as a user experience architect I LOVE technical documents! It just so happens I spend a great deal of time making a certain type of technical document called a wireframe.

So what are wireframes, what are they used for, and how are they evolving?

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Have you seen IQ on your mobile phone?


Last fall IQ launched a new look and website! We love how the site showcases our creative and playful personality. You can also view a mobile version of the site on your phone with all the same charm, just easier to read!

The mobile version of the IQ site is an abbreviated version of the site with contact information, an introduction of some of our work, and access to our blog. On the home page you can get a snapshot of who we are with quick stats, the Meet IQ video, and fun IQ culture infographics.

More pictures after the jump!

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Insights on Designing Pikchur for Windows Phone 7

IQ just finished designing an awesome picture sharing app called Pikchur for Windows Phone 7. It is the first mobile application by Pikchur, a leading picture sharing service. The application makes it fun and easy for Windows Phone 7 users to share photos with all of their social networks at one time.

Pikchur allows users to quickly connect and share photos to many popular social networks, micro-blogging services, and media hosting websites. The Windows Phone 7 application is packed with new platform features such as Bing map integration for geotagging, pivot controls for organizing photo information and comments, and a live tile, so users can see their most recent photo on the phone’s start screen. The application was launched simultaneously in five languages, provides privacy options, and includes Facebook and Twitter integration, so users can start sharing instantly. In addition to new mobile features, IQ worked with Pikchur to develop new branding elements being adopted on

Keep reading after the jump to learn more about some of our design process and insights.

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Geeky By Nature – w00t w00t Hooray!

Screen shot 2011-04-07 at 5.22.05 PM.png

Last Thursday and Friday, the Geek Gods of art, design, and code descended on Manhattan to give inspirational talks about their creative process, motivations, life lessons, and more at the very first Geeky By Nature conference. The event included an incredible lineup of speakers such as Keith Peters, Hillman Curtis, Joshua Davis, Jared Tarbell, Joshua Hirsch, James Victore, Branden Hall, Jer Thorpe, and Robert Hodgin.

Geeky By Nature happens during what I call conference season. Many of the speakers were just getting over whatever cold they caught at SXSW, like the brilliant Branden Hall. Although this is the time of the year many nerds come together at an assortment of conferences to talk about the latest social media buzz, hot start up, or device on the tech scene – Geeky By Nature diverges in my opinion. To me, the conference was more about the personal artistic endeavors and creative processes of individuals in our community of designers and developers.

Keep on for key takeaways, pics, and more!

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