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State of Love Report – Valentine’s Day 2013

To coincide with Valentine’s Day, IQ’s social media team scanned 2.1 million online conversations to produce the “State of Love Report”; the first ever ranking of romance for each state in the nation.

“This is an example of how we can monitor millions of conversations online to give us unique insights into how Americans feel about issues, brands and ideas,” says Tony Quin, CEO of IQ Agency. “We wanted to have some fun with the data and give America its first look at which states are the best to find love this Valentine’s Day.”

Highlights from the “State of Love” Report include:

  • Top 5 Romantic States: 1) California 2) Wyoming 3) Texas 4) Utah 5) Hawaii
  • Best State to Find Love: New York
  • National sentiment toward Valentine’s Day: 37% Positive, 23% Indifferent, 40% Negative.

Produced in association with Crimson Hexagon, a leading provider of Big Data analysis software and social media analytics, the report presents the results of continuous social listening analysis of conversations across Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs and other Internet properties for a 14 day period prior to Valentine’s Day 2013.

Download the full report to see where your state ranks in romance:


Q & A with Andrew Jones, Senior Developer at IQ

Andrew JonesWhat is your role at IQ and how do you approach it daily?

My official title is “Senior Developer” but I primarily focus on front-end web development, which includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript production. I’m also a cartoonist and illustrator, which I’ve been able to take advantage of at IQ  in the form of character design and storyboard development.

What hobbies do you have that contribute to your work in the industry?

I try to stay up-to-date on new advances in front-end development as much as possible. I listen to a lot of podcasts during my long commute, many of which relate to development and tech in general. I also follow quite a few of the major players and what they’re working on.

In the past I’ve done a lot of personal sites and side projects. That’s become harder lately due to the commute and having a 3-year-old daughter at home. But in 2013 I hope to start building a brand new web app that will implement a lot of what’s considered “cutting edge” right now.

My non-IQ time is mostly spent doing art projects. I do occasional commissions and am currently working as a sketch card artist for Cryptozoic Entertainment, who today announced the Superman set I worked on. Continue Reading


The New SoDA Report

SoDA_report_2012The Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA), for which our CEO, Tony Quin, is chairman of the board, just released the second edition of its biannual trend publication, The SoDA Report, featuring content from some of the most influential thinkers in the digital marketing world. Through a unique mix of insider industry intelligence and rigorous content creation, this new edition is filled with forward-looking, thought-provoking content on the issues, challenges and opportunities shaping the future of digital marketing.

The SoDA Report features research, articles, infographics and case studies from top digital agencies, elite production companies and client-side digital marketing executives worldwide. Industry leaders from North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia have contributed to this edition which is now available for iPad.

SoDA represents the cream of the digital marketing industry in the U.S. and abroad, and that intelligence is on full display in this, the latest edition of The SoDA Report.



In-Store Mobile Content is The New Shelf Space

In-store mobile experience

About a year ago, I was inside a major retailer shopping for a new flat screen TV. For two hours, I roamed the aisles, smartphone in hand, doing my research the only way open to me: conducting Google searches for each and every TV I was interested in buying, reading reviews and looking at prices nearby. It was not that smooth and definitely not the kind of in-store mobile experience retailers should deliver to their smartphone armed customers.

Today I saw some data on eMarketer about Smartphone optimized showrooms and corresponding shopper behaviors. One thing was clear from the data: the overwhelming majority of smartphone showroom shoppers felt better about the purchase they made after researching product information. Continue Reading


Digital companies ‘getting squeezed by technology start-ups’ says SoDA Chairman Tony Quin

Society of Digital Agencies

Originally posted by Stephen Lepitak in The Drum 

Tony Quin, chairman of the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) and founder and CEO of IQ discusses the membership organisation with The Drum, how it came to be, it’s plans in the UK and Europe, partnerships with other networks and what he is hearing from member agencies.

Can you give me some idea about the rationale behind SoDA?

The idea of gathering a group of digital agency CEOs together came up at drinks between me and another CEO of a digital agency. Thirteen agency heads then spent a couple of days together in Miami six years ago. It was such a good experience that we all decided to do it again and after the third get together the idea of the organisation was born.

So what does the organisation aim to achieve for its members then?

Membership value is our top priority. They get it first from the candid exchange of ideas and information with their peers which are something that just doesn’t happen in the normal course of business. In addition we have peer groups by specialization with over 400 members, we also produce everything from salary surveys to benchmark studies, we have regular roundtables, meet-ups and much more including legal advice, SoDA recommended documents from contracts to operational documentation etc. Continue Reading


IQ selected in Forbes: Top 100 Global Ad Agencies That Know Social Media and Google

Agencies social media

IQ is delighted to be selected by Robert Kim, Producer of Series: Social Media Agencies Reveal  and Google SEO Campaign Strategies, in his list of the top agencies that “actually” understand the world of social media and Google.

Check out the list here.


IQ Announces New Director of Strategy

Director of Strategy and User Experience

Shannon Delaney steps into leadership role at IQ.                                                                                                                                                            

 Aug. 20, 2012 – IQ is pleased to announce the addition of Shannon Delaney as the new Director of Strategy and User Experience.  Delaney steps in as the agency evolves its focus into new and emerging channels for clients such as Yamaha, Central Garden & Pet, BlackRock, Wells Fargo and more.

“Throughout my career I’ve always had the good fortune to be on the forefront of industry shifts. That’s why I came to IQ, to build on their stellar creative and strategy work and help evolve it to the next level of innovative, integrated channel strategies,” Delaney said. “IQ is perfectly positioned with their deep digital experience as well as their experience with content creation. In the age of social marketing this is a fantastic advantage. IQ is an agency reinventing how brands do business and that’s where I want to be.”

Delaney brings fifteen years of experience in digital strategy to the agency.  She comes to IQ with an agency background where she led digital strategy and brand planning for   many Fortune 500 clients including The Home Depot, The Coca-Cola Company, the CDC, South Beach Diet, AARP, and Walgreens among others.

Delaney has also worked with leading brands such as CNN, Cartoon Network, Fox Sports Networks, Lexis Nexis, XM Radio, ADP, GameTap, and more.  Additionally, she spent five years with a leading email marketing company managing campaign strategies.

“Shannon brings energy,  enthusiasm, encyclopedic knowledge and  brilliant insight to the foundational strategies that underlie all our work. We couldn’t be more excited to have her at IQ,” said Tony Accurso, President and COO of IQ



IQ Wins Best in Show and 2 Golds

FCS Portfolio Awards
Last night, IQ took on some of the biggest names in the industry at the 18th Annual Financial Communications Society (FCS) Portfolio Awards in New York City where we had been named finalists for our work with Allstate and Blackrock/iShares. This year’s Awards competition was stiff and included work from agencies including Publicis, R/GA and Grey NY to name a few. Continue Reading


Searching for Thanksgiving: The Rise of the Casserole

If you want to see what people are searching for online, and ultimately, what people are thinking about, Google Trends and Insights are two helpful tools you can use.  This information can be applied in a lot of ways including monitoring your brand’s online reputation, deciding which phrases to use for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or picking the best time to launch a new web campaign.  Because it’s Thanksgiving, I’ve gathered some Google intelligence that will help you scoop the right side dishes, the first time, and provide clues to see which dishes may not be around for seconds. Continue Reading


A Social Event Takes Social Media To Understand

Last week, a lot of news broke out of Penn State.  It broke quickly.  Almost too quickly and without enough facts for everyone to wrap their head around.  With this in mind, I decided to start fresh this week and try to gain a new perspective on this social event by checking out the sentiment on Twitter to see who everyone is blaming for everything that’s gone wrong with my alma mater.  I want to discover people’s perception of why Penn State now finds itself up to its Nittany ears in bad, bad press.   Is it solely Jerry Sandusky, the alleged pedophile?  Is it Paterno?  Is it the assistant coach Mike McQueary who didn’t break up the abuse?  Is it the media?

Each Tweet below represents a different person, group or thing that is catching some of the blame for the Penn State scandal (I can’t believe this hasn’t been dubbed a catchy nickname yet). Continue Reading

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