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Reach Out and Touch Data

With a massive infrastructure of data points and the capability to gather from complex sources, today’s insights promise to delve deeper and yield greater results. Constant development of new algorithms and tools, as well as greater understanding of the significance of insights are driving the marketing industry forward. Software as a Service (SaaS) will be one of the hottest developing industries this year as more businesses begin to utilize data viz solutions.

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Adding Live Streaming Video to Your Marketing

As video rapidly overtakes other forms of media, live streaming, in particular, has opened up a new and exciting route of communication with consumers. And while technology provides the opportunity for brands to engage via immersive experiences like never before, it’s not done without the marketing team’s courage to experiment and (literally) live in the moment.

What streaming video does – whether it’s through YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram – is allow brands to connect in a more intimate way with their audience and encourage participation in brand storytelling. As this is ‘unscripted,’ there are obvious risks – however, if live streaming fits your brand and your audience, it will result in much deeper relationships with your consumers.

Tough Mudder Harnesses Power of Live Stream

Few brands have applied the power of live streaming like the extreme fitness company, Tough Mudder.

Tough Mudder Live Streaming

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