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  • 02.18.15

How IQ built a culture of #IntelligenceAtPlay

IQ Culture

“Culture cannot be created – it forms organically.” This statement is true in many respects however, the manner in which an agency fosters this organic formation is key. At IQ we take many opportunities to foster a healthy agency culture but it’s not all about Ping-Pong tables and Beer Fridays.

IQ Waffle Friday menu

Waffle menu from IQ’s monthly Waffle Friday.

In order to foster a best-in-class agency culture, you must first start with a collaborative environment. Having the ability to ideate in real time with likeminded colleagues is crucial to culture. In our offices, many times you may walk into a room and think that A Beautiful Mind was filmed here. The sheer amount of mind-mapping on the walls can be seen as a direct corollary to the creative and intelligent output of the agency. Having ample collaborative work spaces, war rooms and think tanks is key to developing great work; which is in turn key to having a great culture.

IQ Collaboration

One of IQ’s collaborative brainstorming spaces.

Secondly, the way in which we work shapes culture. People tackle work and challenges differently. Giving employees the freedom and flexibility to do their jobs in a manner which is suitable to their strengths and personality, without fear of micromanagement, creates a positive agency culture. When employees feel empowered and have a sense of ownership in their work, the end result is boost for the agency and in turn, the culture.

IQ Culture Fun

Foosball and Nerf fun at an IQ Rockstar’s desk.

Lastly, the final piece to agency culture is allowing ourselves to have fun. One of the main differentiators between the ad industry and others is the playful nature of the creative environment. Whether it’s having regular group outings, pot-luck lunches in the office or just winding down with a coworker at the end of a long day over a game of darts and a beer, fostering a fun and laidback workplace is a must have for a great agency culture.


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