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  • 02.11.13

State of Love Report – Valentine’s Day 2013

To coincide with Valentine’s Day, IQ’s social media team scanned 2.1 million online conversations to produce the “State of Love Report”; the first ever ranking of romance for each state in the nation.

“This is an example of how we can monitor millions of conversations online to give us unique insights into how Americans feel about issues, brands and ideas,” says Tony Quin, CEO of IQ Agency. “We wanted to have some fun with the data and give America its first look at which states are the best to find love this Valentine’s Day.”

Highlights from the “State of Love” Report include:

  • Top 5 Romantic States: 1) California 2) Wyoming 3) Texas 4) Utah 5) Hawaii
  • Best State to Find Love: New York
  • National sentiment toward Valentine’s Day: 37% Positive, 23% Indifferent, 40% Negative.

Produced in association with Crimson Hexagon, a leading provider of Big Data analysis software and social media analytics, the report presents the results of continuous social listening analysis of conversations across Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs and other Internet properties for a 14 day period prior to Valentine’s Day 2013.

Download the full report to see where your state ranks in romance:

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    Travis Chambers Says:

    That’s some romantic data! Awesome newsletter you guys.

    • 02.20.13
    • 4:53 pm
  • avatar
    K. Calleja Says:

    Well done!

    • 02.14.13
    • 2:47 pm

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