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Snapchat Spectacles: What They Are and Ways to Use Them

I recently purchased a pair of Snapchat Spectacles, the video-recording sunglasses, to test out. They’re now available for purchase online, so here’s what I thought of them and a few examples of how brands have used them so far.

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  • 12.22.16

Introducing the IQ Holiday Miracle App

Whether you partner with IQ for strategy or creative, you count on us to help solve your marketing problems. Now imagine this: what if some of your favorite IQ team members could help fix a few things in your personal life too?

It’s a miraculous time of year, so believe!

Simply download the free IQ Holiday Miracle app. If you should find yourself trapped in a situation that you need to get out of quickly, we’ll be there to give you a call and bail you out! Because nothing’s more important (or makes a better alibi) than a critical work emergency, right?

Happy Holidays from IQ!

IQ Holiday Miracle App

How To Write A Website RFP (Request for Proposal)

A website RFP, or Request for Proposal, is a document that outlines the requirements for the website redesign project, existing challenges, and business objectives. The RFP serves as a wish list for the project and invites agencies to submit a plan detailing how they would address your specific project challenges.

As a digital advertising agency, we receive Requests for Proposal on a weekly basis, for a variety of projects. Some RFPs are simple, but website RFPs tend to be more complex, and it’s understandable why. Your company’s website serves as the hub of your marketing: educating prospects, inspiring purchases, and providing a consistent source of content that helps them throughout the time they are a customer.

It’s not just the site’s importance in your marketing that makes website RFPs so complex, but how many stakeholders, opinions, and requests are often involved. For this reason, it is essential to provide a clear picture of your needs in order for the agency to accurately deliver a proposal. Without this information, the odds of disappointment in the end result of the project increase exponentially.

Website RFP Committee Meeting

What many website RFP committee meetings tend to feel like.

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Get The Most out of Twitter’s Latest Feature

Twitter’s main strength has always been its ability to aggregate real-time reactions to cultural events. That strength tends to pose trouble for many brands that struggle to figure out how to use Twitter appropriately in their marketing. Additional confusion is added since, for many, the platform tends to be more about customer service than providing value to someone during their shopping journey.

Combine the skepticism of marketers with the fact that Twitter users are rushing to other platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, and it is not a surprise that Twitter was in a hurry to launch something new. Continue Reading

  • 08.24.16

AMPed Up

accelerated mobile pages

Image via USC Annenberg Media

Life is short and a user’s attention span is even shorter which is why accelerated mobile pages (AMP) could be important to make mobile reading less vexing. Google launched the project stating last year on their official blog, “We want webpages with rich content like video, animations and graphics to work alongside smart ads, and to load instantaneously.”

The Accelerated Mobile Page Project’s initial premise was for readers on smartphones to access content better and faster with a current client roster listing mainly publishers such as Forbes and NFL. Bigwig eBay took the plunge to have AMP structure thousands of webpages, meaning this open source initiative could start listing a lot more clients in the future. The faster loading time answered those immediate search engine questions whether figuring out where to brunch or emergency plumbers in your area.

However, AMP is not the cure all to mobile optimization. If brands are ready to invest, they best be ready to anticipate customer problems and respond quicker than ever before. The future of mobile lies in getting the right message to the right customer ready to greet the consumer and anticipate their problems. This article details the future of AMP and several areas businesses will want to examine thoroughly before committing.

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  • 07.29.16

Microsoft “Invite” Makes Keeping a Schedule Easy


Maybe you’ve heard of their competitors, the scheduling apps that don’t require users to keep a detailed weekly inventory of meetings the way Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook do. The products trying to make scheduling easier include Doodle, NeedToMeet, WhenIsGood, and more. Users have long been jumping ship from Outlook to these competitors because they’re frustrated with Outlook’s clunky scheduling platform, but Microsoft is now trying to bring those users back into the fold. The app, Invite, syncs to Outlook calendars and provides a cleaner UX for users to schedule meetings – even across organizations. Maybe they’ll add this functionality to the Outlook app eventually.

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  • 07.26.16

Facebook is Using AI to Identify Offensive Content


With 400,000 new posts and 180 million comments every minute Facebook needs to protect users from offensive photos. They’ve been testing a new AI and for the first time the software has reported more offensive imagery than users. A big step forward for sure but the surprising part is that Facebook is sharing these new accomplishments with Twitter, Google, Netflix, and Uber.

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  • 07.19.16

Facebook Testing New Notification Feature

Image via SocialTimes

Image via SocialTimes

Facebook tests a lot of new features most of which never see the light of day. But this new idea is interesting. Instead of tagging your friends in a post to make them aware, Facebook is trying out a more subtle approach with “Notify.” (Our name for the feature.) Notify will alert a small group of your friends about the particular post without having to tag them in the post or in the comments. This will make the copy more visually appealing and reduces the volume of spam in the comments.

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  • 07.14.16

Twitter Adds “Stickers” Capability


Image via Engadget

In an effort to increase engagement and make the platform innately more social, Twitter is taking a cue from Snapchat and launching Stickers. Users can now dress up their photos with different stickers, including special themes for summer, graduation and more. Stickers will also be searchable using the hashtag #stickers so people can see how other users are customizing their photos and videos. While users can only add the stickers from their mobile devices, stickers can be viewed and searched on the desktop application as well. Learn more about the latest product launch from Twitter here.

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  • 07.11.16

What’s the Best Time to Run?

Image via Lifehacker

Image via Lifehacker

The Weather Channel’s app just levelled up in the microinteraction game. They know people want to check the weather, but by following the customer decision journey to their users’ next steps, they realized one common purpose for users was figuring out when to go for a run without melting. It’s a great evolution of their products’ usefulness, and it makes you wonder what other microinteractions might evolve out of following the customer decision journey. The app could detect when you usually leave for work through your location data, then let you know whether you need an umbrella as you’re headed out the door. It could scrape city data for your area to let you know it’ll be beautiful outside this Sunday, so you could attend the farmer’s market downtown. Read up on what we think is the first of many great microinteractions to come.

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