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  • 02.25.14

YouTube: The Next Big Thing Is Already Here

Originally presented at the social media conference SoCon14, this deck from IQ’s Assoc. Director of Strategy Noah Echols and Assoc. Director of UX Rachel Peters will show you how to prioritize YouTube in an effective way to leverage active communities to get serious results — something your competition probably isn’t doing.

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    Doug Lehman Says:

    Great overview of the power of YouTube today and its impact on business. A solid presentation that offers a lot of value based content, statistics and promotion tips etc.

    I am glad this presentation focused on how YouTube is more than a video hosting site but a true social networking site for customer engagement and sharing content. I like to say let’s put the social in your video to build brand awareness, improve customer engagement and generate more sales. YouTube can provide high leveraged content if utilized correctly and this presentation emphasized this point. I only wish I had to opportunity to see this presentation live.

    Is there a video footage. Just saying, great job Noah and Rachel.

    • 03.09.14
    • 5:49 pm

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